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Facebook faces fine of £500000 from UK Data Watchdog

The Information Commissioner’s Office of UK has fined Facebook for £500,000 after the Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal. Facebook faces fine. Not making sure that the users data was deleted from Cambridge Analytica, Facebook has to face all the accusation for that. And as a result used to swing the results of the election. ICO has also decided to take criminal action against SCL Elections, the now defunct parent company of Cambridge Analytica. The commission plans to take legal action against the company directors.

However, the fine of 500,000 was less as compared to the 110 million euros that Facebook was required to pay in 2017 on the allegations posed by European Commission. This action has been taken 16 months after ICO started its investigation. Following the claims of usage of personal data by political campaigners made by whistle blower Christopher Wylie, among others.

Facebook faces £500000 fine from UK Data Watchdog

Although, Cambridge Analytica says that they had indeed deleted the data in December 2015. ICO found some proofs that the data was shared with others. An ICO spokesperson believes that this leads them to question the authenticity and accuracy of the deletion certificate given by Facebook. The commission has also stated that Facebook has been “the biggest recipient” of digital marketing efforts by UK political parties. Facebook faces fine

The company was also been accused of not telling its users how it was targeting them nor giving them any control over how they want to share their data. This is Facebook’s second breach of the Data Protection Act. Facebook will get time to respond to the accusations before the final decision is made by the commission.

ICO has also written to 11 political parties of the UK. To have their data practices inspected for any breach of users privacy. Emma’s diary, another firm had been accused of breaching data privacy rules and selling them to the Labor Party. Aggregate IQ, another firm was been accused of having access to UK voters’ personal data. After the Brexit referendum is also under investigation for any breach of Data Protection Act. Facebook faces fine

According to Information commissioner Elizabeth Den ham, companies advertising efforts have a significant impact on the elections and suggested that a code of practice needed to fix this issue.


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