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WhatsApp Launches New Features to Combat Fake News in India

WhatsApp Launches New Features to take concrete steps to curb the spread of fake news. By launching the ‘Forward’ label for all forwarded messages. This comes after letter warnings issued by Ministry of Electronics and IT, Government of India, which held the messaging app responsible for spread of fake news.

The company has launched a new feature called forward labels. These forward labels will allow users to know if the text, video or picture had been forwarded from another users and not created by the user themselves. This feature was made available from this Tuesday in the latest WhatsApp update. Users will be able to identify if a message in the group chats or one-on-one chats was forwarded from someone else.

WhatsApp Launches New Features to fight Fake News in India

WhatsApp has also recently released full page advertisements in top English newspapers. To make people understand how to identify fake news and urged users to not spread such news. “Together we can fight false information,” the ads in the newspaper read. The full page newspaper ads also mention ways to verify the accuracy of a news item and asks users to thoroughly check the source of the information before sharing it.

WhatsApp has seriously addressed the issue of fake news with the support of the community and central government. It plans to use machine learning techniques that will help to detect malicious content. The company has also said that they will collaborate with academic researchers. So, that they can understand how fake news was spread in the country.

It has been reported that at least 31 people had died in 10 states in 2017. As a result of mob lynching because of the child lifting rumors which were spread through WhatsApp messages. After the reports surfaced, government had issued warnings to WhatsApp Launches New Features. Regarding the spread of fake news on its platform. Which has resulted in the recent WhatsApp update.

Assam, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tripura, and West Bengal are among the states that have been known to have the most negative impact by the spread of false information through social media platforms. Since Facebook is the parent company of Whatsapp, it was asked to examine the data privacy issue of WhatsApp Pay. RBI’s latest order concerning data privacy issues requires Facebook to disclose how it stores and uses data that it collects from users.

Facebooks latest data privacy breach which lead to the compromise of 2.57 million users data, had negative impact on WhatsApp. These controversies madeWhatsApps , the data privacy issue on messaging service was asked to address.


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